PopDash Realtime Music Mixing System

The Rules “We want to make a game that continuously plays random music tracks seamlessly at differing BPM’s”   That was the main brief when prototyping this game. PopDash was developed by PlaySide Studios here in Melbourne and I was in charge of all the audio for the game. In essence its an ‘endless runner’…

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A Gizmodo article on some of my work.

I’ve been very busy working with Zero Latency on a large scale VR project in Melbourne, these guys are working towards something very new in the games scene. A real challenge to work on but such great fun. Check out the link here:      

Shadow Trap Boss Music

Having some fun As i’ve said before, I’m a sound designer through and through, but who doesn’t like tinkering with synths and drum machines. I made this track for Borderlands – The Claptastic Voyage DLC for one of the bosses. It’s a straight driving Tron’esque style track with a few small dynamic breaks to keep…

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Waves Vitamin for Stereo Ambiences

The Lowdown I started using Waves Vitamin when it first came out in late 2014 on Borderlands : The Pre Sequel. It is currently my goto tool for stereo ambiences in games. What I love about Vitamin is that it’s a stereo imager and harmonic enhancer that can modify spread/EQ/harmonic settings at 5 different frequency bands.…

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BBC Radio 5 – Game Audio Interview

I had the chance to speak with Adam Rosser over at the ol’ BBC about game audio and a few bits and bobs on the release of Borderlands The Pre Sequel. Enjoy! Interview

Quick Tips : Managing Audio Files In Unity

Here is just a few tips when managing audio files in Unity. Unity’s current managing of audio files is not the best, especially when importing and trying to batch change settings such as compression, 3d/2d etc. Unity does not allow multiple audio files to be modified at once. Luckily there is are a few ways…

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